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How do I navigate and complete the scheduled online course?

If you are enrolled in one of Strategyzer's scheduled online courses as part of a Cloud Academy or Innovation Sprint project, this article will help you understand the basic ways to navigate the course, complete the lessons and help you become an expert in business model innovation. 

Once you have claimed your course license, you can find your course on the main dashboard of Strategyzer under the Training heading or inside the Training section of the menu. 

Clicking on the course tile will take you to an overview of all the lessons, or if the course in already in progress, you will be taken to the overview of lessons for the current week. 

On the right side of the course overview you will see a helpful map of your progress in the course, showing you the % of lessons you have completed and a lesson by lesson breakdown of lesson you have completed in yellow and the ones you have not completed in blue. If you have lessons assigned to the current day you will see them in red. The sidebar also contains navigation to show you the lessons assigned to specific dates, including the current day (Today), week by week (eg. Week 2) or the full course (View All). Finally, you will notice a link called Skipped, which will show you any lesson you were to have completed prior to the current day. 

On the left side you will see the list of lessons and steps that match your selection of the right. Each lesson is assigned to a specific date and contains a series of steps that you are required to complete. The steps include your independent study work, team exercises, and links to the live calls with your coach. To access the lesson material you can click the lesson title or the specific step title.

Once inside a lesson you will see its title along the top and the steps it contains listed horizontally. The current step is shown in black text and the progress bar indicates how far you have completed in that lesson. The step itself has a title and content. This usually includes video and text in the center, downloads on the left, and the progress buttons on the right. Once you complete a step click on the Complete button to mark the step as done. This will advance you to the next step and count toward your lesson and overall course progress, so be sure to click this when you complete each step.

Continue as outlined until you reach the end of your course.

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