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How do I add Products & Services to my Value Proposition Canvas?

This is a list of all the products and services a value proposition is built around. It represents a bundle of products and services that help your customers get either a functional, social, or emotional job done, or helps them satisfy basic needs. This list includes supporting products and services that help your customers perform the roles of the buyer (e.g. services that help customers compare offers, decide and buy), co-creator (e.g. services that help customers co-design solutions), transferrer (e.g. services that help customers dispose of a product).

Types of Products & Services

Your value proposition is likely to be composed of various types of products and services:


Goods, such as manufactured products.


Products, like copyrights, or services, such as after sales assistance.


Products, like music downloads, or services like online recommendations.


Products like investment funds or services like the financing of a purchase.


It is important to acknowledge that not all products and services have the same significance to your customers. Some products and services are core to your value proposition, some are merely nice-to-haves.

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