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How do I get started with the Strategyzer Web App?

Before getting started in the App, we also suggest taking a look at some of the videos you’ll find in the Training section under Crash Courses to get familiar with the Business Model Canvas:

Once you feel comfortable with the concepts, your next stop is the Project dashboard.

After logging into your Strategyzer account, you will land on your project dashboard. Once you select your project, you can create a New Business Model Canvas. Once you give your Canvas a name, you’re on your way to sketching your brilliant idea. You can always access your project dashboard in your canvas view by clicking the Strategyzer logo in the top left corner.

To start building your business model, click on any of the nine building blocks to automatically create a yellow sticky note. Give your sticky note a name, then click enter to save your content.  
If you’d like to add comments and notes, simply click on an existing sticky note and add your information. When you return to the canvas view, look for the small icons in the corners of sticky notes to indicate where you have entered additional data.

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