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What is the difference between Projects and Canvases?

A Project is designed to contain all of the assets, activities and people related to a given project, client, or team. A single project can contain unlimited canvases and be shared between unlimited collaborators. The privacy settings on a project enable you to restrict access to only those who should be able to view it. This keeps your information private and helps keep confidential data from different collaborators.

A Canvas is contained within a project. This is where you you can work on Business Model Canvases and Value Proposition Canvases, stickies, hypotheses, tests, and learnings. There are no privacy settings for canvases since they are inherited from the project they are contained within.

You can find your projects, or projects you’ve been invited to collaborate in, listed on you project dashboard, seen here:

Collaborators invited to a project can see all of your canvases but not your other projects. New projects are private to collaborators added only to those specific projects. This ensures that your information remains confidential.  

To purchase a new project, navigate to + Start a new project on your dashboard once you’ve logged in to your Strategyzer account, as seen here:

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