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How do I add more people as collaborators to my project?

Adding team members to your project is simple and easy. The project owner and team members with Admin permissions can add and remove users at any time. This is how you manage who can see all the content inside of your Strategyzer project. If you need to control who has access to specific canvases or aspects of your project, you will need to add an additional project to your account.

To add collaborators to your project team, log in to your Strategyzer account and select the project you would like to add collaborators to. Navigate to Team in the menu and click on Invite New Members.

Select which permission level you would to grant to the users you are inviting to your team. All roles have access to all the app's features, but Admin users can invite new usera to join the team, manage existing users and change project settings, while collaborators with the Members role cannot.

Input the email addresses of the team members you want to add to the project with the role you selected. You can invite one to 20 people at a time. If you need to invite additional users, you will need to repeat the process. Once complete, the person will receive an email with an invitation to the project and once they accept the invitation they will have access to all the work inside of the project. 

Project Owners and Admins can remove team members from a project or change their access level by clicking on the three dots beside that user's icon in the member's list.

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