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How do I transfer my Strategyzer Project to a different user's account?

There is no way to transfer a project from one Strategyzer account to another but you can share projects between accounts by adding a collaborator. The project will then be available through both accounts with both users able to make changes when made admins.

To add collaborators, log in to your Strategyzer account and select the project you would like to add collaborators to. Navigate to Team in the main menu, as seen here:

Click on Invite New Member and input the email address of the team member you want to add. If you wish to allow a certain collaborator to make modifications or add their own team members, select Admin from the Access Level drop-down menu, as seen here:

The collaborator will receive an email to accept your invitation, which will include instructions on how to join your project. If at any time you wish to remove a collaborator or change their access level, click on the three dots beside the user's icon under the Team tab and select another option or Remove member from project.

Note: If you still require a change regarding a Project you own and what account they are associated with, please contact 

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