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After re-installing my iPad, I can’t reload the Business Model Toolbox App. Why?

The Business Model Toolbox app for iPad has been decommissioned. We have decided to focus our efforts on developing our more robust version of the app as a web-based platform.

If you have purchased the Business Model Toolbox for the iPad, you can always access it again in the iTunes store. Log into your iTunes store account and look for the "purchased" label under the "quick links" menu on the right-hand side, as seen below:

Once you find the "Apps" section, you can access all the apps you have previously purchased. 

Unfortunately, we have no control over purchases and refunds of the iPad app, nor do we have any access to AppleID/app store accounts. We do not have the ability to offer refunds for the iPad app since Apple manages all of their accounts. Please contact Apple via to claim your ownership rights.

However, We do have control of the development of our similar Strategyzer App and would be happy to grant you a USD $30 discount on a one-year project subscription. Please visit to learn more about all the features available within the Strategyzer App.

Contact and provide proof of purchase of the Business Model Toolbox iPad App to receive your discount.

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