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Is there a free trial of the Strategyzer App available?

We are happy to offer users that have never purchased a Project a 14-day free trial. Those who have purchased other Strategyzer products or have been invited to collaborate on other Projects will still be eligible to participate in the free trial. This offer does not require billing information or credit card numbers to activate. 

In order to receive your free trial, create a new account on You will then be taken to your Project dashboard, where you'll notice a Untitled Project tile, as seen here:

Once selected, you will receive the below pop up with instructions on how to start your free trial, as seen here:

The time remaining on your free trial will be displayed on your Project dashboard in red. If you wish to upgrade your Project to a full-year subscription, select Upgrade Project, as see here:

You can also keep track of when your free trial expires in your Account under the Subscriptions tab, as seen here:

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