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I got an unexpected credit card charge. Why?

The Strategyzer App is a subscription-based service, charging per Project, per year.

Your subscription will start the day you purchased your Project and last a full year, renewing automatically. The unexpected invoice is likely from the renewal of your Strategyzer App subscription. 

You can always cancel your subscription in your Startegyzer Account page by selecting Cancel Subscription in the Subscriptions section, as seen here:

You can continue to access your Project despite it being cancelled until the end of your subscription year. If you wish to renew or reverse your cancelation before the end of your subscription year, select Renew Now or Set to Renew, as seen here:

If you would like to request a refund or delete your account, including all the data stored within in, please contact us at For Project refunds, please include the Project ID number found under your Project title in the Subscriptions section of your account.

Note: If this invoice or charge is not from a subscription renewal, please contact us and we will be glad to help you solve the issue as soon as possible.

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