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What types of in-house training does Strategyzer provide?

Strategyzer provides in-house training services through our network of certified trainers. Please visit for more details.

How do I book a trainer?
To book a trainer select Get a Workshop from the bottom of the page. Fill out the request form with your information and a Strategyzer team member will be in touch with you shortly.

What qualifications do Strategyzer-certified Trainers have? 

In additional to their own extensive professional experience, all of our trainers complete a rigorous multi-step training program that includes an entrance assessment, two-day Strategyzer public masterclass, a Strategyzer professional trainer program and successful completion of the Strategyzer certified trainer exam. 

What languages are available for in-house training? 

All our trainers are English speaking and many speak second, third and even fourth languages. The list of languages includes German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Danish, Croatian, Norwegian, and Greek.

Where is in-house training available? 

Our trainers are located all over the world, so chances are there is one located close to you. If not, many of our trainers are willing to travel. 

How much does in-house training cost? 

The cost of training is flexible to the needs of your team and the trainer that you choose. If you can provide us with an estimate of your budget, we can tailor a program that meets your needs and won’t break the bank. 

Is there anything I need to do in advance to prepare for training? 

Strategyzer recommends all in-house training participants complete our Online Courses in advance to make a workshop more efficient and productive. By building this foundation, teams can focus on high value tasks during a workshop. The courses are available for small teams and entire organizations. Beyond that, each of our trainers will be able to guide you in preparing for optimal results.

What comes after the in-house training? 

We recommend creating follow-up tasks with your trainer for testing and working on your newly designed models. Strategyzer can support you through this process, using the methods from our newest book "Value Proposition Design" and managing your work using our web application. 

Once I complete in-house training, am I certified to become a Trainer myself? 

No. in-house training is designed to provide teams with practical knowledge and experience using our tools and methods, not certify participants in training others. However, if you are a business model enthusiast looking to take your passion to the next level, tell us more about yourself. 

If someone on my team can’t attend or we want to share it with other teams in our organization, can we record the training session? 

This is definitely a valid point of discussion, which we leave up to each trainer to decide. 

Who can attend in-house training? 

Anyone in your immediate team to a cross section of your entire organization can attend in-house training. However our trainers can help you find the right people to be in the room to achieve your objectives. 

How long does in-house training take? 

In-house training can range from a single-day session to a multi-day initiative, the duration depends on your goals and how we can help you achieve them. 

How soon are trainers available to provide training? 

While we prefer to have a healthy lead time, trainer availability is flexible. Even if you are in a rush, get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Do you have testimonials from previous clients? 

Absolutely, our trainers have provided training to satisfied clients from multinational enterprises and nonprofits to start-ups and SMEs. We would be happy to provide references based on your industry and size, whenever possible. Just mention it in your request form.

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