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How do I create revenue estimates?

After you've estimated the size of your market, you can begin to estimate any type of revenue stream in conjunction with the customer segments paying and the value proposition attracting them. You can test this in the Strategyzer App with the estimate function.

To get started, watch this brief video:

Once you've created a revenue stream post-it, find Estimate on the side bar of your canvas, as seen here:

Next, select a revenue stream post-it and enter your revenue type from the list of options, as seen here:

Choose the related value proposition and customer segments that this particular revenue stream applies to, inputting the numbers required to complete the equation, and Submit.

Note: Strategyzer has also pre-populated the market size based on the information you've provided so you just have to fill in the rest.

Once you've saved your estimate, a green bubble displaying the value of your revenue estimate will appear on the top right corner of your revenue streams post-it. Click on this bubble from any mode to edit your estimates.

Note: The currency defaults to USD, but it can be changed at any time. Multiple customer segments can buy into a revenue stream, but it can only be connected to one value proposition. Each value proposition should have its own revenue stream or might even have multiple revenue streams. The green revenues bar at the bottom of your canvas will reflect the entire sum of your collective revenue streams, in proportion to your costs. You can review your numbers by using the Report view, as seen here:

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