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How do I create cost estimates?

Now that you've estimated your target market size and revenue streams, you can begin to estimate the cost associated with your business model. You can test this in the Strategyzer App with the estimate function. 

To get started, watch this brief video:

Once you've created a cost structure post-it, find Estimate on the side bar of your canvas, as seen here:

Next, select a cost structure post-it and choose fixed or variable cost, enter a value for the individual unit cost, then click submit, as seen here:

Note: if you choose a variable cost, you will need to choose your customer segment(s) then fill in some additional information. 

Once you've saved your estimate, a red bubble displaying the value of your cost estimate will appear on the top right corner of your cost structure post-it. Click on this bubble from any mode to edit your estimates.

Note: The currency defaults to USD, but it can be changed at any time. Costs, revenues and profits are shown in a small chart at the bottom of the canvas when in estimate mode. You can review your numbers by using the Report view, as seen here:


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